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The Pinga wine label was created to allow us to source small parcels of interesting grapes from premium independent grape growers in the Heathcote and Central Victorian wine regions.  The wines produced are modern and offer an interesting comparison of the varietal flavours achieved from different wine regions whilst displaying commonality in their winemaking style.

Pinga wines are ideally suited to drinking alongside Mediterranean, European or Iberian influenced foods.

The name, ‘Pinga’ is symbolic to Dominic and Krystina for its Portuguese connotation: Pinga means ‘drop’ in Portuguese and is commonly used when you are being invited to share a particularly special wine, ‘a boa pinga’ – a good drop. This is an experience Dominic and Krystina easily relate to, having made wine and interacting with grape-growers in the Douro valley region of Portugal for 17 years.